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  • HTC Vive pro
    CES2018: The new high-resolution HTC Vive Pro
    The new HTC Vive Pro has been announced Those of you who are following HTC's official Twitter account, were probably prepared what to expect from their CES release in Las Vegas. HTC however was able to bring some surprises as well. The highlight of the show was without a doubt...
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  • magic leap
    Magic Leap One MR Goggles Revealed
    Magic Leap has finally unveiled it's Mixed Reality Goggles After 3 years of waiting the device that had extraordinary promises for the world is finally unveiled. Magic Leap calls it the "One" and described as a "Creator Edition". The device is based on digital lightfield technology, with an advanced sensor system...
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  • lens studio by snap inc.
    Snapchat launches new AR app Lens Studio
    Snap Inc. introducing Augmented Reality app Lens Studio New way to create Lenses for the Snapchat community   Snapchat has just announced Augmented Reality app Lens Studio for Mac and Windows that aims to let users create their own augmented reality creations. After being a major participant of the AR community by...
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  • VR Headsets under $10
    5 non cardboard VR Headsets under 10 bucks on Amazon Thanks to smartphones VR don't need to be an expensive hobby by 2017. Even a 3 year old Samsung Note 4 is capable to do VR with a littlebit of tweaking, and the only thing required is a VR headset. Well...
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  • best augmented reality glasses
    5 Powerful Augmented Reality Glasses from 2017
    Augmented Reality glasses are around since 2015, mobile AR took the credit last year, and the cutting edge wearable technology getting the well deserved exposure this year.  Although the technology is not yet there where VR is, but it's getting closer. So here are 5 of the most powerful...
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  • Standalone Virtual Reality HMD
    New standalone HTC Vive may arrive within a month
    HTC is about to launch Snapdragon 835 powered Standalone VR Headset On November 14th HTC is going to hold its annual conference called Vive Developer Conference (VDC 2017) in Beijing. Their VDC 2017 invitation poster suggests that HTC is about to launch its standalone HMD possibly within a month. According to...
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  • immersive virtual reality technology
    Zeph VR makes VR even more immersive
    Make VR even more realistic Virtual Reality devices are able to fool our brains so effectively, that we almost physically feel our virtual surroundings. No wonder why the technology is so successful. Although if we would be able to analyse the technology's timeline from the future, we would most likely...
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  • HP Z VR Backpack PC
    HP Z VR Backpack PC
    HP Z VR Backpack PC The evolution of Augmented & Virtual Reality make large tech companies to move out of their comfort zones and start building interesting new things. Just like HP done with their new HP Z VR Backpack PC. The product is available with Intel Core i7 CPU, Nvidia Quadro...
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  • A truly immersive VR HMD
    PlayStation VR Discontinued
    Sony has discontinued producing the PlayStation VR headset as they are relasing an updated version soon. The new version is only available in Japan for now. Amazon has dropped the price of the "old" PlayStation VR from $349 to $294. Get the old one as long as it's available.
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  • pimax 8k vr
    Pimax 8K reaches $2million goal on Kickstarter
    The world first 8K VR Headset reaches $2million goal on Kickstarter Pimax was founded in 2014 by experienced individuals from the tech industry. They sure one of the hardest working companies from the AR/VR industry. One year after their revolutionary Pimax 4K VR headset, they are already getting close to...
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