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The new HTC Vive Pro has been announced

Those of you who are following HTC’s official Twitter account, were probably prepared what to expect from their CES release in Las Vegas. HTC however was able to bring some surprises as well. The highlight of the show was without a doubt the high-resolution HTC Vive Pro, but they were managed to bring us the Vive Wireless Adapter as well. No more annoying cables around while we enjoy some immersive virtual reality content. Speaking of immersive VR, the new HTC Vive Pro is now comes with 2880 x 1600 pixels (combined) and 3,5″ Dual AMOLED screens. Performance wasn’t the only improvement, comfort has been in focus for HTC as well. The following functions are now all adjustable: lens distance, IPD, headphone, and headstrap. The headset also become lighter than the previous generation.

htc vive pro

By the freedom what the Vive Wireless Adapter going to provide, Virtual Reality can step up on to a whole new level of experience. HTC hasn’t shared when and what price the new adapter will be available, but some says we can expect it somewhere between July and September. The adapter is based on Intel’s WiGig technology, and it’s going to run at 60GHz. According to HTC that will result less delay and better peformance. The adapter will be compatible with the previous generation HTC Vive as well as the new device.

Vive wireless adapter

HTC has also announced the all new incteractive store called Viveport VR along with new Vive Video app that comes with integrated content from Vimeo.

Images source: HTC 

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