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Magic Leap has finally unveiled it’s Mixed Reality Goggles

After 3 years of waiting the device that had extraordinary promises for the world is finally unveiled. Magic Leap calls it the “One” and described as a “Creator Edition”.
The device is based on digital lightfield technology, with an advanced sensor system that will be able to detect our physical environment in a very effective way.
This technology is different than most of the AR & MR HMDs that are currently available.

Magic Leap
claims that users will not only be able to see an Augmented or Mixed Reality environment, but they also be able to interact with it.
The consumer version of the device is planned to be available in 2018, although the exact date is yet to be confirmed. A SDK will be coming in early 2018.

magic leap
Source: Magic Leap


Human Understanding is a certain list of human interactions being understood by a device.