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HTC is about to launch Snapdragon 835 powered Standalone VR Headset

On November 14th HTC is going to hold its annual conference called Vive Developer Conference (VDC 2017) in Beijing. Their VDC 2017 invitation poster suggests that HTC is about to launch its standalone HMD possibly within a month. According to chinese VR news site YiVian.

Standalone HTC Vive

Few days earlier HTC filed a US, and a European trademark for the word “Focus”, that suggests the new headset will be called Vive Focus. But let’s call it the standalone Vive for now.
The HTC Vive standalone headset will be run by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 soc(system on chip) along with features like six degrees of freedom (6DoF) and a single 3DoF controller.

HTC Vive Standalone VR HMD

This setup will be able to provide way more immersive VR experiences without a PC than classic mobile VR headsets are capable to. The Snapdragon 835 platform also designed to support built-in VR functionality to let developers release content in a more flexible fashion.

And so the countdown begins!

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