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The world first 8K VR Headset reaches $2million goal on Kickstarter

pimax 8k vr headset

Pimax was founded in 2014 by experienced individuals from the tech industry. They sure one of the hardest working companies from the AR/VR industry. One year after their revolutionary Pimax 4K VR headset, they are already getting close to launch their 8K VR headset as the company reaches their $2million goal on Kickstarter.

Their $2million Kickstarter stretch unlocks Wireless transmission for the device. Which already comes with dual 3840×2160 LCD panels and dual 2560×1440 OLED panels, 200 degree field of view, and last but not least customizable VR frame.

The next goal is going to be $2.5million, that will unlock three selected content including integrated Pimax SDK with current content on Steam VR/Oculus Home.

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