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Professional 360° Cameras

360 & VR technology has reached an evolutionary point where the demand for professional equipment must be supplied. The technology is more and more mainstream as 2017 passing by, and professionals has to have the right gear in order to provide fully immersive content. 360 cameras has been around for a while now, but the market for truly high quality professional gear just started to explode recently. Professional 360° cameras are going to quickly become one of the most important categories within the Augmented and Virtual Reality industry as our visually oriented world requires.

What’s the difference between classic 360 degree cameras and professional 360 degree cameras? One of the main differences is the number of cameras installed on the device. A classic 360 degree camera usually has 2 cameras installed, one on the front and one on the back side of the device. A professional 360 camera, or vr camera has multiple cameras installed on the device. Either horizontally or vertically and horizontally in the same time. Professional 360° cameras are not only capable to record in 8K but also capable to record spatial audio by their built in microphones, which is also a must feature in 2017 and especially in 2018. 3D video recording is getting more and more important as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality getting recognized by the general public all around the world. So no surpirse that some of the best professional 360 cameras are capable to record in 3d as well.

Number of Lenses: 6
3D 360 Video: Yes (max 8K 7680x7680)
Video Resolution: 4K @100fps, 8K @30fps
Memory Storage: External SD max. 128gb
Livestream: Yes (4K)
Price: $3499


  • A truly professional 360 camera
Number of Lenses: 4
3D 360 Video: No
Video Resolution: 4K @30fps
Real Time Video Stitching 4800x2400px @30fps
Memory Storage: External SD max. 258gb
Livestream: Yes (4K)
Price: $3595


Number of Lenses: 6x Gopro Hero 4
3D 360 Video: No
Video Resolution: 8K 25/30fps – 6K 50/60fps
Memory Storage: 6x 36GB SD Cards
Livestream: No
Price: $5000


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