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5 non cardboard VR Headsets under 10 bucks on Amazon

Thanks to smartphones VR don’t need to be an expensive hobby by 2017. Even a 3 year old Samsung Note 4 is capable to do VR with a littlebit of tweaking, and the only thing required is a VR headset.
Well the good news is there are a growing number of VR headsets on Amazon right now under 10 bucks.

Let’s start with the most expensive from this selection:

Celexon Economy VRG-1

VR headset under $10


Well it is indeed economical if we judge by the price.
Celexon claims it’s compatible with all smartphones from 4,7″ to 6″.
Lenses designed for optimal 3D display with 110° FOV.
It’s designed to be comfortable and ultra light weight (13.4 ounces).
From this specific Celexon product only white color variant available.


Elegiant 3D VR Headset

vr gift under $10


Diving further down, we quickly reach the $8-$9 price range.
Elegiant’s 3D VR headset has a “slide in” style smartphone port.
Also compatible with all smartphones from 4,7″ to 6″.
Sponge areas and adjustable straps undertakes ideal weight, and comes with an extremely soft and thick foam.
Available only in black.


True Depth 3D VR Inferno

virtual reality under 10 bucks


The VR Inferno is just slightly below the previous product in price, though it comes with a few more extra features.
Including magnet trigger control, break away cover that allows your phone’s camera to capture the room around you.
Comfy leather padding, and last but not least slide out phone compartment.
Only black available.


iJoy VR Headset

vr gift under $10


iJoy’s VR headset comes also with a slide in style smartphone compartment.
The phone cover is a grilled design probably for some fresh air for those smartphones that, to use iJoy’s words: “will spend hours of gaming and watching films”.
It is indeed a nice gift for less then 8 bucks. Compatible with any modern smartphones.
Color variants: Only grey available at the time of this article being published. 


True Depth 3D VR Flame

cheap vr headsets


True Depth 3D’s VR Flame is at the moment the cheapest VR headset on Amazon.
Featuring adjustable lenses, adjustable straps, and break away cover.
Compatible with 4″ to 6″ smartphones.
Available only in black.

So it is possible to experience VR under $10, and as the technology evolves this list going to be even broader with more features involved.
Please keep in mind this is just a random selection of non cardboard VR headsets under $10 from Amazon. There are more products available in this price range.

Disclaimer: These prices are valid at the time of the release of this article. Prices may change in the future for which we don’t take any responsibility.

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